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How languages and timezones are shown on the event page?
How languages and timezones are shown on the event page?
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When you create an event, Language and timezone for the event will default to yours but you can change them every time you create one. You can choose a time zone or allow Vyte to default to your profile's calendar time zone.

When someone accesses an event page with a device whose time zone is different from the event time zone, they will see their device's time zone converted to the event's actual time zone (whether a Vyte user or not).

On the event page (where invitees can vote):

  1. Vyte is able to guess their favorite language and display it

  2. Vyte will also detect their local timezone and display the times in their local timezone. If that time is different from the timezone of the event, Vyte will also show the original time. So for instance, if an event's timezone is set to Paris, but an invitee is in London...The invitee would see: "2:00 pm - 3:00 pm = 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM in Paris".

Regarding email notifications about the events

1. If your invitees also have a Vyte account, Vyte will send them the email in their preferred language and timezone (as set up on their Vyte account)

2. if they don't, the email will default to the language and timezone of the event (set by them when they book you, and by you if you invite them)

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