Only invitees that are not registered Vyte users receive an event reminder.

The reason is to cut down on the number of emails our registered Vyters receive. Since Vyte users have a connected virtual calendar on our service (and may also be using our mobile app), they are probably already receiving reminders for all their events. To this point, we didn't want to bother our users with one more (or several more) email(s).

So, when do non-registered invitees receive an event reminder?

For an event happening before 10:00 am

If an event is scheduled for before 10:00 am (in the event's time zone), it makes sense to remind the invitees the day before in order to plan their morning accordingly. So, Vyte sends a reminder the day before at 5:00 pm.

For an event happening after 10:00 am

Vyte sends the reminder on the same day at 7:00 am (in the event's time zone).

For an "All day" event

For an event that lasts "All day", we send a reminder the day before at 11:00 am (in the event's time zone)

What do the reminders look like?

Can I set custom reminders?

No, not yet, but if you want to, feel free to ping us on Intercom and tell us more about your user case.

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