Interacting with the bot 

Just imagine having an assistant within Slack you can talk to every time you want to schedule a meeting.
There are three different ways to talk to your bot. You can @mention him in a channel, use the /vyte command or write to it via direct message.  
However, there are some things to take into consideration. In the end, it is still a bot and not as smart as a human (yet!).

Scheduling a meeting with the whole Slack channel "Hey @Vytebot, can you please schedule a team meeting early next week?"In this case, the bot creates a meeting with the whole channel. It takes into account everyone's timezone (and if connected to Vyte, their busy times) so that no one gets booked during crazy times like at night. 

Schedule a meeting with individual people in the team"@Vytebot, can you please schedule a meeting with @martin and @emma tomorrow morning?"

This way, it only invites the people you mention. Should be clear, right? :) 

Voting process

As soon as the bot knows which people to invite, it starts detecting times that fit best and suggests 5 different dates. Then, the voting process happens.
So everyone can vote the time and date that fit best to them. 

Event confirmation

In the end, the person who started the whole process can confirm the meeting where most (in the best case, all) people can attend. We highlight this date with a little 🌟.
Then everyone will get an email with the confirmed event and a calendar file to add it easily to their calendars. Signed-up Vyte users get the event directly into their calendars. 

Additional information

/time command

This command is especially useful if you are a remote team or have locations in different time zones. Just say /time 10am and you will see that time translated to all the different time zones that are on the channel. 

Pro features

Currently, 99% of the features are free, but there is one feature that needs a Pro account.
This would be the "individual availabilities" fearture. So if you want to avoid getting booked during lunchtime you'd need to have a Vyte Pro account.
The free account supports that you aren't getting booked during the night :)

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