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Can I prevent invitees from sending each other messages on the event chat?
Can I prevent invitees from sending each other messages on the event chat?

Use the "Do not send invitees' messages to everyone" setting

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By default, when invitees to an event send a message from the event page, it sends the message to every other invitee. It is also the case if they reply to any email related to the event.
Depending on the kind of events or meetings you organize that may not be ideal in all situations.

That's why Vyte has a special setting to prevent that behavior.

There are 2 ways to enable that setting

Prevent invitees from replying all at event creation

When you create the event, you can enable a few settings specific to that event.ย 

Click on the gear on the screen where you set dates and places for the event.

Enable the "Do not send invitee's messages to everyone" setting

And save.

If you've forgotten to do it at event creation, it's not too late though.

Prevent invitees from replying all on an event that has already been created

You need to be the admin of the event to do that.

On the event page, click on More and Event settings

Enable the setting and save

Prevent invitees to reply all for all your events

Ok, that's great, but what if you never want invitees to reply all to any of your events? Do you have to do those extra 3 or 4 clicks for every one of your events? Well, the good news is: no you don't :)

Enable "Advanced scheduling" features in your settings

In your Vyte settings , under the Advanced Scheduling tab you can enable Groups meeting settings.
This is a Pro feature, so you will need to upgrade to a Vyte Pro plan to use it. However, we offer a 14 days free trial (no card required) so you can test all of our pro features without paying a cent.

Enable the setting and save

Now every time you create a new event, it will have that setting enabled by default. You can still choose to disable it manually for each event (as explained above) if you need to make an exception.
As you can see in the screenshots we have other advanced settings that could be useful to you.

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