Enabling an automatic subject for appointments booked on your Vyte Page

When people book you on your Vyte Page, you can let them input a subject for that appointment, or you can set one by default.

For that just go to your settings and look for the Automatic subject feature. This is a pro feature but you can try it out for free (no card required).

Does having an automatic subject (or event title) mean all of my appointments will have the same name?
No, it doesn't, this is where variables come in handy.

Use variables in your automatic subject

Available variables

There are 3 variables you can use in your automatic subject:
{{me}} : this is your name
{{invitee}} : the name of the person trying to book you (this one is definitely the most useful)
{{company}} : the name of the company of the person booking you. To make sure this one is filled in, you need to enable the Ask for company setting

When someone books you on your Vyte Page, then those variables will be replaced by the values that make sense for that meeting.

Example of variables use

Imagine your name is Erlich Bachman from Aviato and John Doe from Acme books you.

Meeting {{invitee}} <> {{me}} --> Meeting John Doe <> Erlich Bachman
{{invitee}} from {{company}} meets {{me}} from Aviato -> Jon Doe from Acme meets Erlich Bachman from Aviato"

Let us know if you need any help using those variables.

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