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Is there a maximum number of invitees when I create a meeting?
Is there a maximum number of invitees when I create a meeting?

Yes...but a Vyte Pro Plan allows twice as many

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The maximum number of invitees with our Free Plan is 30 (which sounds like a fun event).

But, if you are a Vyte Pro Plan client, you can have twice as much fun.

The reason is you can invite up to 60 people.

Don't forget about the "blocking" or "forbidding" feature that a Pro Plan gives you, as well, for a Vyte...

If you don't want to allow invitees from replying to your event's invitation with a suggestion for: a new day and/or time; another location; someone else to invite - you have the power to set the block (the forbid) of it.

It is simple to set this.

To enable those settings by default for all your future events...

If you want to leave it for one-off situations...

  • If you are using the blue "Create an event" button, when it comes time to choose date/time and location options, click on the "Settings" icon in the top right corner over the time zone. The options box will appear for you to toggle your choices.

  • If your event has been created, click on the "More" button in the top left corner, and then "Event settings" for the options box.

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