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How to connect a Yahoo! Calendar to Vyte
How to connect a Yahoo! Calendar to Vyte

Using CalDAV - It's really easy to sync a Yahoo! Calendar to Vyte

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To connect a Yahoo! Calendar to Vyte, you will need to generate an app password on Yahoo! and to add a CalDAV Calendar to Vyte.

Generate your Yahoo! app password :

To generate an app password, just follow the instructions below. Just so you know, it is for security purposes only, so that you don’t need to share your main Yahoo! password.

  1. Login to Yahoo! Calendar with your Yahoo! email address and password. You will see your Yahoo! Calendar.

  2. In the upper right corner, click on your Username, then on Account info.

3. On the left pane, click on Account security. Look down and you will either see: Generate app password
Manage app password- if you already have the password from any other app.
Click on the one that you have on your page

4. A new small window will appear in front of you. Click on Select your app, scroll down and choose Other app.

Enter “Vyte” as app name.  
Click on Generate

5. You will see your app password - copy it; write it down.
You will use it to add your Yahoo! account to your Vyte account.
 Click Done

Now...Add your Yahoo! Calendar to Vyte :

  1. Login to Vyte 

  2. Then, in the upper right on your profile (you can see the down arrow next to it).
    Next step- click on Settings.

3. A new page will appear, scroll down and you will see the option Add a calendar account: PRO. Click on it.

4. Click on the new window to select the option Add a CalDAV calendar.

5. In the new window fill in the boxes: "Server", "User name",  and "Password" and click on Save 

For example: if your user email address is

Username: your Yahoo! email address

Password: app password which you generated previously

7. You can see your calendar account has been added.

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