Generate an iCloud app-specific password: 

To generate an app-specific password follow these instructions.

The need for this password is for security purposes only, so you don’t need to share your main password with Vyte.

App-specific passwords hide your real account credentials from the third-party service, increasing security by only giving out scrambled random passwords to non-Apple servers.

1) Login to the Apple ID page with your iCloud email and password.

2) Scroll down to the Security area.

3) Ensure that TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION  is on. 

To use app-specific passwords, you must first enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID if you haven’t already. With iOS 10.3 and later, two-factor authentication is set up by default for new Apple ID accounts, so new users should have this done.

4) Then click on Generate password under APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS

5) In the label field, enter the name of the app for which you will be using this password (Vyte, for instance). Then click on Create.

6) The password will now be shown; it will be a string of 16 random characters. Copy this down. 

7) Keep this password, you will need it to add your iCloud Calendar to Vyte.

Add your iCloud calendar to Vyte:

1) Login to Vyte 

2) Then click on your profile on the upper right corner (you can see the down arrow next to it), then click on Settings.

3) Your calendar settings will appear, scroll down and you will see the option Add a calendar account: PRO. Click on it.

4) A new window will come up. Please select Add an iCloud calendar. 

5) Then enter your iCloud email address and app-specific password, which you generated previously and wrote down. Now just click on Save. 

6) Voila! You will see your iCloud Calendar already added. Enjoy Vyting!

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