Connecting a CalDAV calendar to Vyte is very simple and will make scheduling meetings with CalDAV or accepting appointment bookings with CalDAV very easy.

You will just need 3 pieces of information:

 1. your CalDav server URL
 2. your CalDav username
 3. your CalDav password

Once you have those, go to Vyte calendar settings
Click on the "Add a calendar account" button (below)

Then click on "Add a CalDAV calendar" (below)

Next, fill in the requested information with your CalDAV server, username, and password...don't forget the final click on the green "Save" button (bottom right corner).

For some CalDAV providers we can give you more specific instructions to help you find your server, username, and password information:
 - Connect an iCloud calendar to Vyte
 - Connect a Yahoo! calendar to Vyte
 - Connect a calendar to Vyte
 - Connect a Fastmail calendar to Vyte

Need help with connecting to another CalDAV provider? Just reach out with our blue support button (bottom right). 

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