Thank you for inquiring about Vyte!

We have 3 Plans, including a free one. The Free Plan allows you to sync one calendar, either a Google or a Microsoft Office 365 one.

But, we encourage you to try our free 14-day trial of the Vyte Pro Plan.

No credit card information is taken until you are ready to upgrade to it, which most people do after they try the additional, robust features, like...

  • Connect your various calendars (including Exchange, iCloud, and CalDAV)

  • Set free and busy times on your calendar

  • Create buffer times before and after meetings

  • Establish a default duration for your meetings

  • Block invitees from adding another date/location option for a meeting you created

  • Customize your Vyte Page making it uniquely you

Here is the "pricing" page from our website detailing the plans with the blue buttons ("Try for 14 days" or "Try Vyte for free" - both get you there) to start your free Pro Plan trial...

Let us know what you think and Keep on Vyting!

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