Vyte helps you control your time and others' access to it, especially with a Vyte Pro Plan.
You control what others see: busy time, free time, buffer time - all the time!

As the Meeting Organizer, the days and times you have proposed for pending meetings are protected on your calendar from double-booking with an "OPTION" placeholder.
Once a meeting is confirmed, the placeholder is released -  freeing up those time slots again.

PLEASE NOTE: Invitees' calendars are not protected with this. Even if the invitee is a Vyte account holder, the time slots they suggested won't automatically be held "Busy" in their calendar. This feature is, for now, only available for the Meeting Organizers. However, we are looking to add this feature in the future for all Vyte customers.

So send out those invites to as many folks as you would like (maximum 60 for one specific event with a Pro Plan, 30 with a Free Plan)... and "don't think twice" about double booking with Vyte!

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