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Does Vyte protect against double booking?
Does Vyte protect against double booking?

Yes for Meeting Organizers with an "OPTION", but not Invitees

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Yes! If set up well, Vyte will only allow you to confirm Vyte meetings on your availability and never on times you are already booked.

To avoid double booking with Vyte:

Connect your calendar

Synchronize your online calendar with your Vyte account to identify when you already have plans or not (Vyte or non-Vyte). You can also connect more than one calendar to better manage your availability.

Set your max appointments in parallel to 1

Make sure that the "Max parallel appointments" feature is set to 1 (or simply not set) in your availability settings so that Vyte will automatically block any slots already occupied by an event (Vyte or not).

By respecting these steps, you ensure that you never have more than one appointment at the same time πŸ˜‰

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