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Vyte will automatically set one-hour meetings, but there are ways to adjust this to another desired meeting time (for example, let's use a 15-minute meeting limit)...

  • First off, if you are creating a one-off event (with the blue "Create an event" button), or, editing a one-off event (with an "Edit" button) in Calendar View...You can just drag the bottom of the blue box up so that the meeting duration time for that day and time is only 15 minutes (or 30 or 45). You can also drag it down if you want it to be longer than an hour.

  • If you are sharing your Vyte Page with someone (or more than one person): You can add "/15" to the end of your Vyte Page's URL, so that the person selecting a day and time to meet with you will be limited to just 15 minutes. 

  • If you are a Vyter with a Pro Plan: One of the many additional features that you have (as you can see from our "pricing" page: https://www.vyte.in/en/pricing) is the ability to change your default meeting time to whatever 5-minute increment you would like starting at 10 minutes by clicking on the "My Vyte Page" tab, then clicking on the shaded "Edit" button, and then click into "Advanced settings - Pro". Scroll down to the "Meeting duration" drop-down box to choose your meeting duration preference for all your meetings.

We hope this information helps, but if you're not already- we encourage you to try our free 14-day Vyte Pro Plan trial to see how you can control: your accessibility even more with free time, busy time, and buffer time; the parameters of what invitees can change to a meeting you have scheduled; and, the customization of your Vyte Page to better reflect you and/or your organization!
Keep on Vyting!

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