By creating an organization on Vyte, you will be able to define teams and add different team admins and team members on it.

By creating an event type you will then be able to define it as a Team event type to :

• Share a page displaying all the slots when a member of the team selected is available. An available team member will be assigned to the meeting by round-robin.


• Share a page displaying the slots when all team members are available at the same time for a "group meeting"

Just like your other appointment types, you can work on the presentation and configuration of this Team event type page.

You will then be able to define the weekly availabilities on this page :

Based on the weekly availabilities that your team members defined on their Vyte page: combined to the availabilities you will set on this Team event type page, a person will be able to book an available team member or all the team depending on your settings.

Feel free to reach out in the chat if you have any questions!

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