How to automatically create a Microsoft Teams link for a meeting scheduled with Vyte ?
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Vyte lets you select the digital location for the meeting while scheduling it. We integrate with Teams for you to schedule remote meetings in 2 clics. How does it work on Vyte ?

1 - Sync your Office 365 calendar with Vyte

To unlock the Microsoft Teams integration, you will first need to sync your Office 365 calendar with Vyte. You can follow those few steps :

  • Select the Office 365 calendar connector :

  • Select your Office account, you will be asked to authorize the Vyte access to your calendar

  • Select this calendar as the default calendar for Vyte to sync confirmed events in it and save your settings :

Your Office calendar is now well synced with Vyte, you can start using our Microsoft Teams integration ! πŸ™‚

2 - Create a Vyte event with Microsoft Teams as the meeting place

By creating a meeting : , you will be able to define the object of the meeting and the invitees. You will then be able to define one or more time slots propositions for the meeting. Once it is done you can now add a place/location to the meeting :

"Pick a place" and select "Microsoft Teams" or just "Teams" as the place of the meeting :

Add Teams as the place of the event and save your meeting place :

You can now send your invitation. You will then be redirected to the event page. You and your invitees will receive a notification at the event creation and your invitees will be asked to indicate their preferences for the meeting :

You can now confirm the meeting depending on the votes of the participants. If the meeting is confirmed with Microsoft Teams as the place of the event, Vyte creates a Teams conference room link at the confirmation of the meeting (not at the creation) :

3 - Set Microsoft Teams as the default meeting place on your Vyte page or your appointment types

You can add Teams as the place by default on your Vyte page or on your appointment type pages. You will need to create or "Edit" your pages here :

Go to the "Advanced Settings" section and scroll down until you can hit the "Pick a Place" button :

Select "Microsoft Teams" or just "Teams" as the default meeting place on your scheduling page :

You can now save your settings. Microsoft Teams or just Teams will now appear as the default place for all the meetings on this page :

Vyte will automatically create a Microsoft Teams link each time a meeting is confirmed from this Vyte page or appointment type page.

4 - Notification and calendar invitation

As soon as the event is confirmed, all the participants of the meeting will receive a notification of confirmation with the Teams conference room link and the details of the meeting :

Those informations will also appear on the calendar attached invitation :

Don't hesitate to reach out in the chat if you have any question ! πŸ™‚

Vyte Team

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