With Vyte, customize the look and feel of your Vyte booking page to your company colors by creating your Vyte subdomain. You can define:

  • Your logo

  • A background image

  • The colors of your Vyte emails

Create the design of your Vyte page in the "Brand" section of your Vyte settings:

Then activate the "Design my PRO brand" option.

Create your subdomain:

First, you need to create your own Vyte subdomain that can be shared among other members of your organization. Your colleagues will be able to use the same design as you.

Choose the name of your Vyte subdomain:

Define your logo and background photo:

Now it's time to choose a background image and set your brand logo to be displayed on the top left of your Vyte page.

Images uploaded to your Vyte account should be less than 1MB. Feel free to reduce the size of your images if they do not upload properly.

You can also choose the destination of your logo so that your guests are redirected to the URL of your choice when they click on your logo.

Set your brand colors:

You have the ability to choose the colors of notification emails to Vyte sent to you and your guests (such as appointment confirmations and reminders). You can also set your logo email to be displayed in these emails.

Go even further in customizing the design of your Vyte page:

You can also choose to display Vyte support on your Vyte page, keep the chat box on your event pages and team event section.

Don't forget to save your new design and feel free to preview your Vyte page with your new design!

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