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How to set my weekly availabilities?
How to set my weekly availabilities?

Find out how to set your weekly availability.

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You can define your availability on Vyte on a weekly basis. To do so, go to the availability settings of your "My Vyte page".

My Vyte page > Availability

  1. Go to the "My Vyte Page" section

2. Click on "Edit" on the right of your My Vyte Page

3. Click on the "Availability" tab

4. Enable your availability settings

You can now define availabilities for your appointments for each day of the week in the "Recurring weekly availabilities" section.

Modify your availability for a day of the week

  1. Click on "Edit" on one of the days of the week

  2. Add as many availability slots on a day as you wish

  3. Don't forget to save

Apply the same availabilities for several days of the week

  1. Before saving your availabilities on a day, check the days of the week when you want to apply the same availabilities

  2. Don't forget to save

Block a day of the week

Click on the toggle to deactivate the day you want to be unavailable.

And of course, click on "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Please note: The availabilities defined on your My Vyte Page are your general availabilities. They will therefore be taken into account for your appointment types, your team appointment types, and also when someone invites you to a Vyte event.

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