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How to customize my Vyte page's URL?
How to customize my Vyte page's URL?

Learn how to personalize the URL of your Vyte page.

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You can customize the URL link of your My Vyte Page and your appointment types.

Please note: The URL for your appointment types will pick up the slug from your My Vyte Page.

You can customize your Vyte Page link at any time (before or after your page is created).

At the creation of the page: You can directly customize your new page's link upon page creation!

After the creation of the page:

  1. Go to the page settings

  2. Go to the tab "Link" (for My Vyte Page) or "Description" (for the appointment types)

  3. Don't forget to save πŸ˜‰

Reminder: If you change the link of your Vyte page after sharing it, don't forget to update the link where you shared the page πŸ˜‰

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