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How to create a booking form on my Vyte page?
How to create a booking form on my Vyte page?

Learn how to create and personalize a booking form on your Vyte page.

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You can ask your guests to answer some preliminary questions before booking their appointment through a booking form integrated to your Vyte page (e.g. to qualify a sales prospect).

You have the possibility to ask your questions in 3 formats:

  • Drop-down menu

  • Numerical answer

  • Free fields

In order to set up your form, please send a booking form request via Vyte's chat support or to indicating:

  • Your account email

  • The link of the page where you want to add the booking form

  • The list of questions you want to include in your form and specify on each question which format you want to apply on the question

    • Dropdown format: Indicate the list of possible answers to add to the dropdown menu

    • Numerical format

    • Free field format

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