As a reminder, Vyte only offers Office 365 calendar syncing with Office 365 Pro accounts. Syncing with free Office 365 accounts is coming very soon πŸ˜‰.

To synchronize your Office 365 calendar to your Vyte account:

  1. Go to your Vyte settings

  2. Go to your calendar settings

  3. Click on "Add a calendar account Pro”

  4. Click on "Continue with Office 365"

  5. Continue syncing by logging into your Google account from the pop-up window that will appear on your screen

  6. Allow Vyte to access your Office 365 account

    • Important: If you receive the message "Administrator approval required", please refer to your organization's Office 365 account administrator to grant access to Vyte.

  7. Your Office 365 calendar is now synchronized with your Vyte account

  8. Check the "Show as busy" box for each calendar in your connected calendar whose events should be marked as unavailable on Vyte (Learn more about the "Show as busy" and "Display to me" options)

  9. Don't forget to save your changes πŸ˜‰

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