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How can I create a group meeting?
How can I create a group meeting?

Learn how to create a group event on Vyte.

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To create a group event on Vyte:

  1. Click on "Create an event"

  2. Create a title for this event and add your guests with their email address

  3. Click on "Suggest locations and dates”

  4. Suggest dates for the event

    • Click on "Pick a date”

    • If your guests also have a Vyte account, their availability will be displayed on the calendar view

    • Create suggested dates by clicking on the calendar, drag the slots suggestions on the calendar at the times you want, and adjust the length of these options by changing the size of it

    • Click on "Save"

  5. Add a location

    • Click on “Pick a place”

    • Create location suggestions by inserting the address (for physical events) or video conferencing application (for online events)

    • Click on "Save”

  6. Add a message to your guests if necessary

  7. Send the invitations by clicking on "Send this event"

Once the invitations are sent, all guests will receive an email notification with a direct link to vote on the date/place suggestions.

Guests who did not vote will receive a reminder email to vote 24 hours after the initial invitation was sent.

Once the votes are collected, you can confirm the appointment on the appropriate date and location options.

Reminder: For events with only 2 participants, guests (who are non-admins) can only vote on one date suggestion.

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