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How to set the duration of a Vyte event?
How to set the duration of a Vyte event?

Learn how to set the length of your date suggestions when creating a Vyte event.

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When suggesting date options for your Vyte event, you will be taken to a calendar view where you can add and position your date options for the event.

Each option can have a different duration. Here's how to set the duration of your event.

  1. After creating your event, adding a title, and adding your guest list, click on "Pick a date."

  2. You will be redirected to a calendar view showing your availability and your guests' availability if they also have a Vyte account

  3. To add a date option, click somewhere in the calendar (preferably at the time you want to add this date suggestion)

  4. The date option has been added:

    • You can adjust the duration of the event by clicking on the bottom of the date suggestion and dragging it up or down to shorten or extend it

    • You can move the date option by clicking in the middle of the date suggestion and dragging it to another location on the calendar

    • You can delete the date suggestion by clicking the minus button

  5. By default, the next date option you create will have the same duration as the previous suggestion but you can still adjust the duration to your preference

  6. Don't forget to save your suggestions

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