You can confirm the presence of each participant on a different time from the same Vyte event.

By using this option, only one guest can be confirmed per time slot option.

In order to confirm the presence of your guests one by one:

  1. It's best to wait until you collect your guests' votes to confirm their attendance on a date that is convenient for them

  2. On your event page, click on "Confirm this date"

  3. In the "Mode" option choose the "Confirm 1 date for each invitee" option

  4. Select a date option per guest from the table that appears. You will have a visual on their votes to confirm their presence to facilitate the distribution of dates

  5. Click on "Confirm dates"

  6. Finalize the confirmation of the appointment by choosing the location of the appointment among the existing options and clicking on "Confirm Place"

Your guests are now each assigned a date.

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