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How can I create an appointment type?
How can I create an appointment type?

Learn how to create a booking page by appointment type.

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To create an appointment type:

  1. Click on "My Vyte Page" at the top left of your screen

  2. Click on "Create an appointment type”

  3. Create a title for your Vyte page

  4. Optional: Add a description for this appointment type

  5. Customize the link for this Vyte page

  6. Choose from which pre-existing Vyte page on your account you want to copy the settings

  7. Click on "Create"

  8. You will then be redirected to the settings of your new booking page

  9. Continue to configure your new appointment type as a regular Vyte page by clicking on "Edit"

Reminder: The link of all your appointment types has the same slug as your My Vyte Page.

Please note: As soon as you create your first appointment type, the Hub feature is activated on your My Vyte Page. You can deactivate it manually in the Link settings of your My Vyte Page 😉

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