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How to connect Vyte with Front?
How to connect Vyte with Front?
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To use Vyte with Front, go to Front:

  1. Click on the settings icon at the top right

  2. Select App store from the left menu

  3. From the search bar, find the "Vyte" app

  4. Click on "See details”

  5. Click on "Enable app"

  6. Click on "Start using this app".

  7. The app now appears in the right menu

Now that you have activated Vyte on Front, you can start scheduling appointments.

  1. Choose a conversation from your Inbox

  2. Open the Vyte extension by clicking on the Vyte icon in the right menu

  3. Click on "Schedule on Vyte”

  4. You will be redirected to the Vyte event creation page

  5. The name and participants are already entered but you can modify them if necessary

  6. Continue with the creation of the appointment by proposing a date, a location and by sending the appointment invitations

The appointment invitation has been sent and received in your Front inbox!

Find the information and guide to our Vyte x Front integration right here!

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