1. Create an event with or without inviting another person (you can also share a link to the event later in the process)

2. Pick times and places for your event. (If the other person is also a Vyte User - a Vyter - you can see overlying calendars to find a perfect time for both of you.)

3. The event is created - now there are two options: 

  • If you invited someone, you just need to wait until the votes come in. The event then gets automatically confirmed and appears in both of your calendars - easy! 

  • If you didn't invite anyone yet. a pop-up appears with two links. One for a group meeting and one for a 1-on-1 event. Choose Schedule a 1-on-1 and share it via email or your favorite messaging service. Once the invitee voted, the meeting is automatically confirmed, the meeting is added to both calendars, and you enjoy your meeting!

We also prepared a blog post about this topic.

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