If you are having trouble seeing your calendar correctly, make sure to follow these steps:  

  1. You have enabled the right calendars in the "Show as busy" column in https://www.vyte.in/settings/calendar/setup

  2. The events that you want to see as "Busy" are set as "Busy" and not "Available" in Google calendar. And that events that you don't want to see as "Busy" are set as "Available" in Google calendar.

  3. If you have enabled buffer times in https://www.vyte.in/settings/page/1#availabilities the value makes sense for you.

  4. If you have enabled your availabilities in https://www.vyte.in/settings/page/1#availabilities, you have set up the time slots where you want to be available.

  5. When you look at the times on your Vyte page, you haven't changed the timezone before picking a time

If all these steps don't help you, do not hesitate to contact our support so that we can look further into it! 😊

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