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Why are my availabilities not displayed correctly on Vyte?
Why are my availabilities not displayed correctly on Vyte?

My Vyte is not sharing my correct availabilities, what can I do?

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If you appear available on your Vyte page at a certain time when you already have an event scheduled at that time, or if slots are blocked when you have no appointments or events scheduled, don't panic, let's try to figure it out together. Here are some possible reasons:

1) The setup of your connected calendars on Vyte

Make sure your connected calendars are properly configured in the calendar settings of your Vyte account. All the calendars on which you have scheduled events and will keep you busy have the "Appear unavailable" box checked.

2) The setup of your scheduled events on your connected calendar

In the settings of your scheduled events on your connected calendar, make sure that the event is set as unavailable so that Vyte can take this into account and thus, block the slot in your availability.

Example Google calendar:

Outlook calendar example:

3) Your max appointments in parallel

The max parallel appointments feature allows you to accept more than one appointment at the same time. As long as the max appointment limit is not reached, Vyte will keep the time slot open on your Vyte page. If you don't want Vyte to block your slots from the moment an event is scheduled in your calendar, you can simply set this feature to "1" or not use it.

In the "Availabilities" tab of your main Vyte page settings, at the bottom of the page, make sure that the "Max parallel appointments" field is empty or set to "1".

4) Buffer times between appointments

Vyte allows you to block a certain amount of time before and/or after each of your events and appointments according to your preferences. If you don't want to see these time margins blocked on your Vyte page, make sure that there are no buffer times set before or after your appointments. To do this, go to the availability tab of your Vyte page settings.

5) Check your Team page settings

Make sure you have not configured your appointment page as a team page by mistake.

In case you have set up a team page voluntarily, here is how team page availabilities are identified: How are my availabilities identified on Vyte?

6) The availability of appointment type pages

If your availabilities are not displayed correctly on one of your appointment type pages, it is possible that the configurations of your "My Vyte Page" and your appointment type are not compatible. Vyte calculates and identifies your availability on several parameters:

  • The availabilities defined on your "My Vyte Page" and

  • The availability of your appointment type

So, check that your availabilities on these two pages converge to display your availabilities in a consistent way.

7) Your events all day long

By default, Vyte does not automatically block all-day events (like vacations for example). In order for these full-day events to be considered as unavailable to you on Vyte, it is necessary to activate the "Forbid appointments for full-day events" setting.

8) Your time zone

Check that the time zone set on your Vyte account and on your Vyte page is the correct one.

If all these steps don't help you, do not hesitate to contact our support so that we can look further into it! 😊

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