The "Advanced Settings" in Vyte are a gold mine for everyone who wants to customize his Vyte Page exactly to his needs.
To activate them all you have to do is to switch the toggle at the top of the settings.

After doing that you can customize/change the following things: 

  • add social links
  • default Vyte Page title 
  • don´t ask for a subject or an automatic one
  • page language
  • minimum number of dates people suggest or asking for one date only
  • enable automatic confirmation of  the meeting 
  • set default places like your Skype account or your favorite coffee place
  • forbid people to suggest other places or hide them at all
  • ask for phone number and/or company
  • automatic custom message after confirmation
  • forbid to invite more invitees
  • hide our support button (the blue one in the bottom right corner) on your Vyte Page
  • set a URL where people get redirected after they booked you
  • enable API variables in your Vyte Page URL (check the API documentation for more information)

Now you know how to make the Vyte Page perfectly fit your needs, so let´s share it!

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