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How to enable API parameters on a Vyte booking page
How to enable API parameters on a Vyte booking page

Directly set email, name, title, message, duration or locations from the API by enabling API parameters

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Sometimes you may want to set specific information about an appointment booked on a Vyte booking page or for an appointment type, directly from the URL.

Vyte can easily let you do that.

Such information can be

  • the title / object of the appointment

  • the default message

  • the location / place of the appointment

  • the duration of the appointment

the name, email, company and phone number of the person booking (if they are already logged in on your platform, or if you are sending them a targeted email)

Enable the feature

To enable that feature you just need to go the "Advanced settings" tab of your booking page

and to enable the "Enable API Variables in URL" toggle (scroll down near the bottom of the page to find it)

Supported variables

Here are all of the variables you can use:

  • cm: Creator e-Mail.

  • cn: Creator Name

  • cc: Creator Company

  • cp: Creator Phone

  • em: Event Message.

  • et: Event Title.

  • places: Event places, with place name and address separated by a single pipe (|) and several places separated by a double pipe (||).

  • start: The first date you would like slots to be shown at. Only supported by the slots view To be set using the standard ISO format YYYY-MM-DD (ex for June 1st 2024: 2024-06-01)

We highly recommend URL encoding those parameters in the URL. If you don't know what that means make sure to replace any space (" ") by %20 and you should be fine.

Setting duration

If you want to set the duration of the appointment directly in the link, you can also do that by adding a slash and the duration in minutes (30, 60, 120, etc) in the URL.


Full example using all the variables (but you can use only one if you prefer):|Paris%20France&start=2024-11-01

UTM parameters

You can also use UTM parameters in the links to track where your bookings are coming from.

If you have any doubt about your links, feel free to ask us in the support chat and we'll be happy to help.

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