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How to change my email address?
How to change my email address?

Do you need to change your Vyte account's email address?

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Sometimes your email address changes, and you want that to be reflected in Vyte.
The solution depends on your situation.

You still have the same email (Google or Office 365) account, but you changed your email address there

In this case, just reach out to us, using the omnipresent intercom support button (on the bottom right corner), we'll update it for you.

You want your Vyte account to use a different email (Google or Office 365) account.

Since your Vyte account is tied to your email account, you need to create a new Vyte account with your new email account. (again - Google or Office 365)

Events migration

Your previous events will not be migrated to your new account. Since meeting data quickly become obsolete after they have happened, this is usually not a big deal.

Settings migration

Your settings will not be migrated to your new account, but it should only take a
few minutes to set it back up.

Vyte Page Migration

If you have set up your Vyte Page on your old account, don't forget to change your Vyte Page link on your previous account, so you can claim it back on your new account (links are unique).

Pro account Migration

If you have would like to migrate your Pro subscription from your old account to your new account, just reach out to us using the Intercom button (bottom right corner).

I want my Vyte account to use an email address that is not managed by Google or Office 365.

Unfortunately, that is not possible for now.
However, did you know that you can actually set up a Google account for free for any email address?

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