By creating your Teams on Vyte and as an admin of those teams, you will be able to display the events of your team members. To do so, you can follow these steps :

1. Create your teams on Vyte

Create your teams and define your team's properties, admins/members, and admin notifications

2. Display your team members events in your calendar

Click on the Calendar section while creating those teams, Vyte automatically added a Vyte Team calendar to your calendars :

• Select those calendar(s) as "Display to me" to be able to check your team members events directly in your calendar :

• Go to your calendar view, Vyte will now display your upcoming team members events

3. Display your team members events in the events section

Looking to display your team events directly in your dashboard view? Sure! 🙂

• Click on the Brand section, and create your custom subdomain on Vyte :

• Scroll down until you can activate the Team Events button which will display the team events on the events page :

• Save your custom domain and access it by adding it to the URL (for example

• Once you've accessed your subdomain on Vyte, you can click on the events section.

Vyte will now display your events as well as your upcoming team members events directly from your events section :

Feel free to check how to define availabilities on a team event type and don't hesitate to reach out to us in the chat if you have any questions!

Vyte Team 🙂

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