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How to set Microsoft Teams as a default option on my Vyte page?
How to set Microsoft Teams as a default option on my Vyte page?

Learn how to set Microsoft Teams as a default location option for the appointments booked on your Vyte page.

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  • If you want Vyte to generate Teams links as soon as you confirm your appointments on Teams, please check that:

    • Your default connected calendar is an Office 365 calendar (How do I connect an Office 365 calendar?)

    • Or that your Microsoft Teams account is connected to your Vyte account (How do I connect a Microsoft Teams account to my Vyte account?)

    • If you want to schedule the appointment on a specific Teams link, connecting an Office 365 calendar or a Microsoft Teams account is not necessary.

To set Microsoft Teams as a default place option on your Vyte page:

  1. Go to the settings of the Vyte page in question (My Vyte page or appointment type)

  2. Go to the "Advanced settings" tab

  3. Click on "Pick a place" (or "Suggest one more place" if you have already added a location option on this page)

  4. Insert "Microsoft Teams” or “Teams” in the "Place, Address, Skype, Call" field

  5. Click on the second option that appears (with the Microsoft Teams logo on the left)

    • Warning: Do not choose the option "Custom place"

  6. If you want Vyte to generate a Microsoft Teams link when you confirm the appointment:

    • Click on the "Add" button

  7. If you want to add a specific Microsoft Teams link

    • Check the "Add a custom link" box

    • Insert your Microsoft Teams link

    • Click on the "Add" button

  8. Click on "Save" at the bottom right of your screen

  9. Save your new settings at the bottom of the "Advanced settings" page

If you want your guests to choose only between the location options you have defined, activate the "Forbid people suggesting another place" feature.

If you do not use a specific Microsoft Teams link, a Microsoft Teams link will be automatically generated when the appointment is confirmed.

Once the appointment is confirmed, the Microsoft Teams link will be available in:

  • The confirmation email

  • The Vyte event page

  • The event details added to your default connected calendar, and to your guests' calendars

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