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How to create a Vyte booking page for my team?
How to create a Vyte booking page for my team?

Learn how to create a team appointment type.

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Once your team is created, you can create a team appointment type.

To create a team appointment type

  1. Click on "My Vyte Page" at the top left of your screen

  2. Create an appointment type or choose an existing appointment type that you want to transform into a team appointment type

  3. Go to the settings of this appointment type

  4. Go to the Description settings

  5. Activate the "Team appointment type" feature to display the rest of the team appointment type features

  6. Choose the team you want to assign this appointment type to

Now that the team appointment type is created, it's time to configure the team settings on this page.

Book all team members

To invite all team members at the same time from the team page, activate the "Book all team members" feature.

This way, the page will only propose slots where all team members are available.

Team member selection

If you want to let your guests choose which team member they want to meet, enable the "Team member selection" feature. You can define:

  • The title of the drop-down menu in the field "Title above member select"

  • The default choice in the field "Default option label"

If the default choice is chosen, the appointment will be randomly assigned to one of the team members.

If none of the features "Book all team members" or "Team member selection" are activated, the appointment will be randomly assigned to one of the team members.

Define the location of the appointment according to the team member

To set the appointment location according to the preferred location of the team member to whom the appointment is assigned, activate the feature "Define appointment location according to team member".

When this feature is activated, it is advisable to hide the appointment locations on your page to avoid confusion among your guests.

The team member's default location is the first default location set on his personal My Vyte Page. If the member has not defined a default location on his or her My Vyte Page, the appointment location will be the default location of the team appointment type.

Don't forget to save your changes πŸ˜‰

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