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How to create a paying appointment type ?
How to create a paying appointment type ?
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  1. Make sure your Stripe account is connected to your Vyte account

  2. Create an appointment type, or go to the settings of one of your appointment types

  3. Go to the "Description" tab of the settings of your appointment type

  4. Activate the "Paid appointment type" feature

  5. Choose the currency in which you'd like your clients to pay for their appointment (as of now, Vyte only offers the Euro € and US dollar $ currency)

  6. Set the price of the appointment

  7. If you want your clients to pay before booking the appointment, activate the "Pay to book" feature

    • If you do not activate the "Pay to book" option, your clients will be able to book their appointment without paying right away and the Stripe integration is not necessary. You'll have to charge your clients on your own.

  8. Don't forget to save your changes

The price of your appointment will be displayed at the top of your Vyte page in yellow.

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